It’s OK to expect more from your gold dealer.

In today’s high tech world you deserve more than a web site, shopping cart, and a credit card (with its 2% surcharge to boot!).


Let’s start with this…

More time. More control.

You now have two powerful choices to acquire and manage your physical gold and silver holdings.

| Automatic |

Schedule regular purchases of gold and silver to fit your budget. You don’t have to do a thing except watch your holdings grow.

Learn how OWNx |Automatic| works.

| Now |

Buy and sell physical gold and silver in less than 30 seconds anytime 24X7. You have complete control over your holdings.

Learn how OWNx |Now| works.

Instantly own gold and silver titled in your name and securely stored in a world class depository.

Your order is placed.

Our system records legal ownership detail.
Your metal is safely stored until you sell it or take delivery.

Can I buy coins and bars?

Absolutely! It couldn’t be easier!

#1: Choose the coins or bars that you want delivered.
#2: We exchange your ownership of large bars for your items.
#3: We ship them to you!
“I didn’t know you could buy gold and silver this way. Incredibly easy. Completely safe. And I am in complete control. Thanks OWNx!”

Our tech is your gain…

| Time |

In less than 10 minutes, create your profile and link your bank account. Once it’s verified you are ready to go.

| Control |

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have constant access to manage your gold and silver holdings.

| Flexibility |

Safe storage or delivery. Own Automatically or Now. You choose depending on your specific needs.

“The freedom you give me with your automated platform is fantastic. And on top of it all, lifetime loyalty pricing!”

Lifetime Loyalty Pricing is pretty simple.
As you buy over time, your premium above the gold spot and silver spot price goes down.


Join thousands of others who’ve come to expect more from their gold and silver dealer – and get it.

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