Live Spot Price and OWNx Base Prices

What is a "Spot Price"?

While metals markets are open across the world, gold and silver prices can change from one moment to the next. A spot price is a snapshot at a given point in time, of the current spot market price for gold or silver.

What is the OWNx Base Price?

Each business day when the metals markets are open and actively traded, we acquire large quantities of gold and silver to replenish metal that is allocated to each client making scheduled purchases. The price we receive becomes the OWNx base price. Over the years the OWNxBase Price has averaged within pennies +/- of the London Daily Fix.

Where can I obtain the most recent and/or historical OWNx Base Price?

You will find a complete list of historical prices here

Where does the Live Spot Price come from?

Live pricing is obtained from a third-party data feed. A data feed is a mechanism for users to receive updated data from multiple sources. It requires structured data and a centralized data management system to collect, normalize and integrate multiple data feeds. Major providers include Thomson Reuters, FactSet, Capital IQ and Bloomberg.


What price do I get when I sell my silver and gold?

If you schedule your sell to happen at the next daily base price, your gold or silver will be exchanged at the corresponding OWNx Base Price.

You can also sell your metal using the Live Buy & Sell feature. If you choose to sell this way, you will sell at the live spot price that is quoted to you.

OWNx Cash Account

Can this be used for purchasing?

Yes, your OWNx Cash Account is primarily used for purchasing metal using a Live Buy Transaction.

How can this be used for selling?

When you sell metal, using a Live Sell, the proceeds are automatically deposited into your OWNx cash account. When selling using the Daily Base Price, you can choose to have the proceeds of the sale deposited into your OWNx Cash account.

How can I make a deposit?

There are two ways to deposit into your SilverSaver Cash Account.

1. From your bank account.
2. By selling metal held in your account.

Is the money in my OWNx cash account insured?

Yes, each client has pass-through FDIC insurance on the money that is deposited into their cash account, up to $250,000.

What is the cut off for scheduling a deposit?

On a normal banking day, you have until 9pm to schedule a deposit for the next banking day. After 9pm and on holidays and weekends, the earliest you can create a schedule for is +2 business days. I.e. scheduling on Friday at 10pm or on Saturday: the earliest you may select is Tuesday. Scheduling on Friday at noon: you may select Monday.

When depositing, when will the funds be available?

The funds will be available for you to purchase metal with, on the morning of the date that you scheduled the deposit to take place. You may use these funds to make a purchase using a live price transaction 24x7x365 without exception.

How do I withdraw my money?

At any time you may request a withdrawal from your OWNx cash account out to your linked bank account. Please allow 2-3 business days for the money to show up in your bank account.

Taking Delivery

What is the minimum number of ounces I can have delivered to my door?

Each delivery request must consist of at least 20 oz. of silver or 1/2 oz. of gold.

How do I take delivery of my gold or silver?

From your homepage: Click on “Take Delivery
Select which account and click “OK
Specify the quantity of each form you want shipped to you
Scroll to the bottom of the page click “Submit Order
After reviewing your delivery order click “Submit Delivery Order

What are the available options for taking delivery?

Subject to individual item availability, we keep a wide selection of different items from well-known mints and refiners. Visit our Delivery page for more information.

What are the costs for delivery?

Large bars (1,000-oz Silver and Kilo Gold) are delivered at no additional cost.

For other items that have an additional cost for us to obtain, there is an exchange cost. A vast majority of this cost is for the fabrication or premium for that specific item. For example, if the market price for silver is $15 per troy ounce and American Silver Eagles cost $3.00 per troy ounce for us to obtain, that is a 20% additional fee that we merely pass along to you. The remainder of the exchange cost includes shipping, handling and insurance.

The exchange cost is currently paid as an additional amount of metal added to your delivery transaction.

How soon do you ship once I submit my delivery request?

Orders typically usually ship out within 2-3 business days. To prevent gold and silver sitting in shipping warehouses over the weekend, we do not typically ship out on Fridays. If your package is being sent to a residential address delivery time ranges from 2-5 business days from the time of shipment. For packages going to a PO Box, delivery can take slightly longer and has less precise tracking.


How much does it cost to store my gold and silver?

There is a small storage fee of 0.05% per month. This fee is deducted from your account automatically on the first of each month in gold or silver. For example, if you have 20 ounces of silver in your account, it would amount to .01 troy ounces of silver.

The OWNx base price in effect on the day storage fees are deducted from accounts may vary from examples displayed on this page.

either ounces or grains


Where is my gold and silver being stored?

Your gold and silver is allocated and titled in your name, fully insured and stored at First State Depository a world-class non-bank facility located in Wilmington, Delaware.


What are gold and silver rewards?

OWNx provides you with your own rewards link or Share-Code that you can give others when they sign up for their OWNx account. Once they do, 25% of the premium (markup) for their transactions is added to your account in silver or gold each time they save. You will receive silver when those you refer save in silver and gold when they save in gold. You will continue to be rewarded as long as you have made a purchase in the past month.

I did not make a transaction in the last month. Do I still qualify for rewards?

Simply start saving again and you will be eligible once more.

How do I tell others about OWNx?

Log in to your account, roll your mouse over "My Account" in the top navigation bar then click on Share Now! You will then be presented with various methods on how to share. The Easy-Share method is the simplest way.

How can I see how many people I've referred.

Log into your account, roll your mouse over "My Account" in the top navigation bar and click on My Rewards. For security purposes, you will not see individual names but you will be shown the total number of people with whom you have successfully shared OWNx.

I referred someone but I don't seem to be getting rewarded, what do I do?

To qualify for Silver and Gold Rewards, you must have made a purchase in the last month. The other possibility is that your referral has created an account, but has not made any transactions yet.

Privacy & Security

Is my information secure?

Sensitive information such as password, bank information and answers to your security questions are encrypted and stored in a secure location with strict access controls. Information transmitted between you and OWNx.com is also encrypted. Encryption on the website site is powered by Digicert.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us and is safeguarded by our Privacy Policy

How secure is the gold and silver I store with OWNx?

Your silver is safely stored and insured at First State Depository Company, LLC located in Wilmington, Delaware. First State is a fully insured, world-class non-bank depository. The insurance policy is with certain underwriters of Lloyd’s of London.

General Questions

What are the differences between OWNx accounts and pool accounts?

There are several differences but unallocated versus allocated is the central difference between a "pool account" and OWNx.


This is how OWNx operates. Allocated silver or gold is very simple. The metal is held on behalf of the account holder under a custody agreement. It is held at a depository titled in your name as your outright property. The metal is neither the property nor liability of the depository. With this type of agreement it is not subject to any third party creditors. You initiate every transaction via OWNx.com. At the time the transaction is completed, ownership transfers from OWNx to you and is held in custody at First State Depository, until at your instruction you decide to sell the silver back or initiate delivery exclusively via OWNx.com.


OWNx does not operate using pool accounts, though others do. In a pool or “unallocated” account the account holder does not have title to the silver or gold he/she has "purchased." Rather, in reality what the investor has "purchased" is an asset or claim to a certain amount of silver or gold. So essentially, in an unallocated account you are promised a defined amount of silver or gold. ("Your" metal is simply a liability on the balance sheet of the bank or company). There may or may not be physical metal held to back the purchase and if there were it could conceivably be leased out to generate interest for the bank or company with the expectation of it being returned if needed. What this means is, you could find yourself standing in line with all of the other unsecured creditors in the event of financial problems or insolvency of the purveyors of this type of account.

What would happen if silver or gold becomes unobtainable in any form?

In the highly unlikely instance that OWNx is unable to replenish “big bar” inventory at a given time, OWNx would inform all account holders and temporarily suspend all scheduled incoming funding until the situation was resolved. (Remember as well, YOU have complete control to change or remove your scheduled purchases via OWNx.com at any time) This would NOT affect your metal held in custody by the depository. Your purchased silver and/or Gold would be held safely in the depository until you submit instructions via OWNx.com. When silver or gold availability is restored, we would notify all clients allowing you to re-activate your schedules.

Can I add a beneficiary to my account?

No. This must be done through a will just like any other physical asset you own.

How do I set up a OWNx account for my trust?

Please fax us the following at 888-473-5891:

- The first page of the trust agreement
- Signature page
- Government Issued ID

Once we review the documents we will email to let you know we have received them or if further information is needed.

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