Own More Gold and Silver For Your Money…

More control and low fees are just the beginning. Today’s laws enable investors to own titled specific allocated weights of large, low premium gold and silver bars. This enables you to invest your dollars in ounces of gold and silver instead of premiums. Let’s look at two examples:

Purchasing $100,000 in large, low premium bars at 2.5% over spot enables you to buy 6,504 ounces of silver. If that same $100,000 were used to purchase high premium (market and government added) American Silver Eagles, you would only get 5,555 ounces. OWNx enables you to own 949 more ounces of silver!

A $10,000 purchase of low premium bars at 3.5% over spot would give you 89 more ounces of silver vs. the same purchase made of high premium (market and government added) American Silver Eagles.

Your money buys gold and silver,
not high dealer or government premiums!