The Psychology Behind Avoidance Coping

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The fear of bad news often prevents us from sustaining healthy lives. We cancel our dentist appointments the day before so we don’t have to hear if we’ve acquired new cavities. We avoid stepping on the scale so we don’t have to acknowledge the extra piece of birthday cake we …


Florida Family Finds Buried Gold Coins from 1715 Sunken Spanish Fleets

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A Florida family announced they recovered $1 million worth of sunken treasure from the Spanish treasure fleet’s shipwrecks off the coast of Florida. Today also marks the 300th anniversary of the shipwrecks. The Schmitt family kept their findings a secret for nearly a month from the public, but finally held …

300-year old buried treasure found in Florida

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A man from Florida recently discovered a “priceless” religious artifact from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, according to ABC News (a video of the discovery is posted on ABC’s article). The sunken treasure was discovered by a 27-year-old professional salvager last month on a scavenging hunt with his family. The …

7 Places to Get Free Personal Finance Classes

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With all the buzz about student debt, risky stocks, and mortgage fraud, some people might be in a bit of a panic. The thought of money management is intimidating for many people. And even though we linked to an article the other day about how to raise money-smart kids, some …

The best states for kids’ economic well-being

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Some states are doing better than others at providing economically secure homes. This Market Watch article explains that in 2012 about 31 percent of children had parents without secure employment, compared with 27 percent in 2008. Our economy is still being impacted by long-term unemployment. “When parents are unemployed or …