Setting up your IRA could not be easier.


Within 15 minutes, our automated system will take care of establishing and linking together all three of the relationships required for a precious metals IRA:

  1. Your dealer – OWNx will enable you to buy and sell all of your gold and silver online.
  2. Your custodian – New Direction IRA will legally administer your IRA.
  3. Your depository – First State Depository is an IRA approved facility that will hold your metal.

The process is straightforward and can be handled with the assistance of an OWNx Representative or by simply creating an account line. There is no cost and no obligation to begin. You are simply given access to our technology platform, where you can see for yourself how it does the heavy lifting for you.

After creating your account with OWNx, you will be presented with your Home Page. From there simply click on the following button:

You will be prompted to confirm, and then you will be presented with the New Direction IRA application page. This is where you will create an account with New Direction IRA and provide the information necessary for them to act as your custodian.

That’s all there is to it! The relationship between OWNx, New Direction, and First State Depository are automatically created and linked. You will have accomplished in 15 minutes what would otherwise have taken hours of your time spread over days or weeks as you worked to research, identify, and coordinate these relationships.

Instead, all that is left is for you to contact New Direction and arrange to have your funds deposited in your IRA account. Upon receipt of funds, our system will show the balance in your IRA cash account and you will be ready to go!