Owning Gold & Silver as Savings: Millennial Focus

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In the new world of FinTech applications are popping up that are focused on serving the generation who are the most heavy users of tech – the Millennials. This 18-30ish group of young adults has grown up with smart phones and instant access to a wide variety of information and …

The Future of Money, FinTech, Gold and Silver

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We live in very interesting times to say the least. Financial innovation using new technology has been percolating for years. The advent and rising popularity of Bitcoin, and more importantly its underlying blockchain technology, has thrust the question of our world’s financial future into the spotlight. Between 2014 and mid-2016 an …

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Brick and Mortar Banks, Gold, and the FinTech Revolution

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One of the more visible signs that FinTech is real and growing is the trend toward smaller, more technology focused branch banks. Bank of America recently accounted that it has opened three branches in the United States with zero workers. Bank of America Opens Branches Without Workers This is the …